Top Burning Man Survival Foods Recipes

New developments in survival foods this year add some interesting choices to your Burning Man menu preparations. To qualify for what I’m calling “survival foods”, the product must be packaged in a way that allows it to last a long time without spoiling, survive the extremely harsh elements, and allow for fast and easy preparation with few cooking tools and little clean-up afterword. Amazing delectable fresh foods are great reward after braving the harsh heat, bitter cold, and rough sandstorms of the Playa, but when they are not available you will be happy you invested in these survival foods. Below are my top choices for survival food recipes this year.

FYI, these menus are great for general camping as well.

Boil in the Bag Technology

Without access to a microwave, proper stove, or adequate dish cleaning and food/water disposal systems, these boil in the bag items make cooking and clean up a breeze. Fill up a pot with water, boil it on a camp burner, and create a no mess meal in no time. I keep a separate obviously-labeled container to recycle and reuse my boil-in-the-bag water so it doesn’t go to waste, and then solar-evaporated at the end of my trip.

RiceLet’s start out with your basic rice. You could spend all day boiling rice in a pot, then cleaning out that pot, then  repeating fo revery meal; or you could just boil a single serve bag of rice in the bag. They come in all sorts of interesting flavors now too to make a unique and delicious meal every time. Add a meat from below to complete your meal.IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5747 IMG_5749 IMG_5750
NoodlesInstead of rice, try creating an easy noodle dish. Most of these require cooking in a pan, but the single pan clean up is easy. Add a meat from below as you cook your noodles to complete the meal.IMG_5732 IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5735
Meats Quick Protein: Throwing one of these meats into your dish while you cook it (such as rice or noodles) is an easy way add some protein to your meal.IMG_5716IMG_5721


 Tuna: These boil in the bag (or served cold) tuna dishes can easily be served on top of rice, noodles, pasta, on bread, or wrapped in a tortilla.IMG_5722 IMG_5753
 They even offer a Tilapia choice now, which is great if you’re worried about eating too much tuna.IMG_5727 IMG_5729
 Other Protein Choices: These are also some survival protein favorites, served on bread or sautéed in a pan with fresh eggs.IMG_5730IMG_5715 IMG_5717
SandwichesThese hearty sandwich meats are boiled in the sealed tray and served hot on rolls or bread. A great meal when you are hungry.IMG_5711 IMG_5712 IMG_5714



Mexican FoodsA great variety of Mexican foods are now available in simple to use, boil in the bag containers. Add tortillias to these items to compleet your meal. Burritos are also a great food to take with you as you hit the road.IMG_5713 IMG_5740 IMG_5741 IMG_5743
Indian FoodAs an alternative to meat-based dishes, a classic Burning Man staple is the boil in the bag Indian food packets from Trader Joes. Discard the outer box before you travel to Burning Man to lessen your trash load at the event. Serve over Boil in the bag rice (above) or on flat bread. Also good inside your spare tortillas in a pinch, or just eat it straight right out of the pouch.1a 2a 3a
Edible Bowls One of the best space saving and clean-up saving inventions are there edible bowls. Use the Bacon Bowl kit below to pre-make a bunch of edible bowls before you leave, and then keep them on ice for a delicious meal later. The best thing about this kit is that it also includes instructions on making edible bread bowls, which is far less perishable. Finally, you can buy this easy taco kit and fill the less-perishable thick flour tortilla cups with any ingredients you want, and then eat your meal on the go bowl and all. Combine with the mexican or rice based recipes above if you like.IMG_5763  IMG_5764IMG_5742
SnacksThese single serving dried fruit packets are easy to stash in a pocket or pouch. So is the beef jerky, which is also available in the slightly more healthy turkey variety. I find the beaf sticks to be the easiest to carry around. You will be glad you have these with you when you’re caught in the open desert waiting out a dust storm. And don’t forget the marshmallows  and lightweight desert to carry around with you, and great to share when you come across a camp with an open fire.IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5757


IMG_5758 IMG_5759 IMG_5761IMG_5737

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